We specialise in the design of hydraulic systems that are the perfect answer to the specific constraints and requirements of the energy market, especially Oil and Gas.
Our products include hydraulic unit, pressurisation unit, riser skid, hydraulic locking unit, test bench.

Test bench in container

Mobile test bench built into a 20 inch container for use multi-site testing.
This test bench simulates and characterises the dynamic functioning of hydraulic valves in real time.
The highly-efficient dynamic acquisition system produces an acceptance report at test end.

Hydraulic unit and pressurisation unit for the energy industry

Hydraulic unit HPU
Manufacture of an oil and gas pressurisation unit

Riser skid

Project: Shell PRELUDE
Power: HUSKY hydropneumatic pump
Instrumentation: EMERSON
All components defined under Shell MESC Code
Tank construction standard: ASME IX
Stainless steel pipework welded under ASME IX qualification
Painted stainless steel chassis under FROSIO control
Certification body: LRQA

Riser skid for energy sector

Hydraulic locking unit

Project: ICHTHYS
Power: HASKEL hydropneumatic pump
Painted stainless steel 316L open skid
Couplings: GYROLOCK 6Mo
Pipework materials: 6Mo
OLIVER VALVES stainless steel 316L valves
Certification body: DNV

Hydraulic skid unit, hydraulic unit design and manufacture

Associated equipment:

  • 48 compact cylinders equipped with FERODO pads
  • 48 WIKA pressure control plates
  • 48 FIREMASTER 700°C hoses as per API 16D

Equipment for hydraulic locking unit

Test bench for riser

Power: AUTOCLAVE hydropneumatic pump
Flow rate: 8 l/min at 700 bar
Fluid: Water
Consumption: 350 normal m3/hour
Couplings: AUTOCLAVE HP stainless steel 316L
Stainless steel 316L pipework

Design of test bench for riser

Associated equipment:

  • Stainless steel 316L reel
  • 35 metres high-pressure hoses

Reel for test bench