We specialise in the design and manufacture of hydraulic units intended for all industrial applications. We produce both low-power and high-power hydraulic units.
This is historically our company’s core business.

Hydraulic skids

Hydraulic skid with power 37 kw x 2

Power: 2 * 35 KW
Flow rate: 80 l/min
Pressure: 250 bar
Tank volume: 1000 litres
BUCHER fixed flow rate pump
6 OLAER bladder-type accumulators
Destination: Sultanate of Oman

Hydraulic skid with power 37 kw x 2

Skid with 90 kW power

Power: 1 * 90 KW
Flow rate: 180 l/min
Pressure: 250 bar
Tank volume: 1000 litres
REXROTH variable flow rate pump A4VS0180
Destination: China

Hydraulic skid with power 90 kw

Customised hydraulic units

Hydraulic unit

Power: 30 kW
Flow rate: 120 l/min
Pressure: 160 bar
Tank volume: 600 litres + retention tank
REXROTH variable flow rate pump PV7
Application: Annealing line, FLORANGE site

Customised design of hydraulic unit

Hydrostatic transmission

Power: 110kW
Flow rate: 180 l/min
Pressure: 200 bar
Tank volume: 250 litres
SAUER 250 cc variable flow rate pump control as proportional
Application: Sugar cane mill in GUADELOUPE

Hydraulic transmission system

Mini-hydraulic unit

Mini-unit 1.1 kW

Power: 1.1 KW
Flow rate: 4 l/min
Pressure: 160 bar
Steel tank volume: 30 litres
Safety thermostat
Flangeable return filter
Application: Calendering

Manufacture of mini-hydraulic unit

Mini-hydraulic unit 0.5 kW

Power: 0.5 KW
Flow rate: 2*2 l/min
Pressure: 50 bar
Plastic tank volume: 5 litres
Retention tank
Dual flow rate to synchronise two cylinders
Application: Basket handler

Dual flow rate mini-hydraulic unit

Thermal unit

Thermal unit

LOMBARDINI 10 CV petrol motor
Pump flow rate: 2*22 l/min
Pressure: 150 bar
Application: Quarry platform manoeuvre

Retrofit of a LINDEMAN aluminium extrusion press

Our scope:

  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical
  • Automatic control
  • Network piping
  • Control cabinet/Wiring
  • Parameter setting/Supervision
  • Dismantling and installation on site
  • Starting, tests, adjustments

Power: 4*132 Kw
4 REXROTH pumps A4VSO250HS4
Total flow rate: 1500 l/min
Control: 1*11KW – A10VSO28DR REXROTH

Press retrofit
Hydraulic installation retrofit