Scope of our hydraulic system range for vehicle

We handle the design and technical definition of the hydraulic kit
Our three levels of service :

  • Service 1: Supply of hydraulic components and hoses as spare parts
  • Service 2: Definition and supply of a hydraulic component and hose kit for a specific function, fitted by the customer
  • Service 3: Definition, supplying, fitting, piping and starting up the hydraulic kit on the vehicle. The customer thus has a full guarantee on the hydraulic function of his vehicle
Linear and rotary actuator
with position sensor
Electronics & Mechatronics
Custom tank
& accessories
Hydrostatic transmission
Proportional distribution
Feature block
Connector kit
Bent tube, flexible, connectors & clamp

Hydraulic part for ironworks handler

This handler grips parts to be forged. Utah Hydraulique has produced:

    • POCLAIN hydrostatic transmission
    • POCLAIN wheel piston motors MSE05
    • REXROTH manifold and cylinders
Mobile hydraulic system design

Hydraulic motorisation for bowser tractor equipment

This vehicle fuels aeroplanes on the runway with kerosene.
The reels and fuel pump are driven hydraulically.
Utah has supplied the following equipment:

  • LEDUC lorry pump type PAC fitted on power take-off
  • LEDUC piston motortype M
  • BUCHER orbitrol motor
Manufacture of hydraulic system for military vehicle

Hydraulic equipment for assault vehicle

This assault vehicle can disembark via two infantry walkways
Utah has equipped this vehicle with:

  • 12 volt DC mini-unit
  • HAWE piston pump type R
  • CETOP REXROTH manifold
  • welded cylinders with rear cover
Design of components for military assault vehicle
military vehicle hydraulic system
hydraulic system for agricultural vehicle
public works vehicle hydraulic system
agri-food vehicle hydraulic system
Fire vehicle hydraulic system